this page is about the IC2 wrench, for BC wrench, wrench (BuildCraft)

Wrench (IndustrialCraft 2)
Wrench (IndustrialCraft 2)
Type Tools
Stackable no
Data Value 30183
EMC Value 1275
Mod Included Industrial Craft 2

Haven't you ever wondered? "Aren't machines too fragile to be broken with Picks and Drills?" Well you are right! doing so will only return the machine block of some machines and will destroy most of the other content! Machines need to be treated gently like a lady, that's why we have the wrench!


This wrench has two purposes: - turning back a machine into a block (20% chance of slight loss). - change the side the machine is facing.

An alternative to this wrench is an Electric Wrench, which performs the same functions without losing durability, requiring EU to function. The Electric Wrench also has a "Lossless" mode that will always return machines intact.

To turn back a machine into an item, it must be facing you, right clicking it will break it and give you the item.

to rotate a machine, you must stand in the direction you wand the machine to be facing (Batboxes, MFEs and MFSUs can be rotate to face up/down), sometimes this wouldn't work and somehow the machine will pop up into an item (but you can still place it to what direction you are facing!)

The IC2 wrench may be replaced with the prototype omnitool from the omnitool mod from the creator of thermal expansion for a wrench with infinte durability (the omnitool does not have a durability bar and it can still work as a IC2 wrench in terms of removing machines without turning them back into machine blocks))


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