The QuantumSuit Armour are a new type of armour introduced in IC². The armour is extremely powerful, but also extremely expensive, having Iridium Plates as one of the components.

QuantumSuit HelmetEdit

The QuantumSuit Helmet is endgame mod related piece of armour. Cannot be enchanted.

QuantumSuit BodyarmorEdit

A charged Bodyarmor will absorb a large portion of incoming damage, as well as preventing the user from being lit aflame. This armor also makes you pretty much INVINCIBLE!!

QuantumSuit LeggingsEdit

Charged Leggings allow the user to sprint extremely fast (approximately 3.4 times faster) until discharged. To activate the Quantum-Suit's special abilities, start sprinting while holding control. This can be changed in controls as it overlaps with zoom, or you can just set zoom to another key.

QuantumSuit BootsEdit

Charged Boots allow the user to jump extremely high (up to 9 blocks up) and negate all fall damage completely. Note: Hold ctrl while jumping to activate.