The QuantumSuit Helmet is endgame mod related piece of armour. It's extremely powerful, but also extremely expensive, require two Iridium Plates to craft. Cannot be enchanted.

Additional effectsEdit

Additional effects (in order of highest priority for EU use) EU cost
replenishes underwater breath bar 1 000
replenish food bar per point 10 000
cure poison effect per lever 10 000
cure radiation effect per lever 20 000
cure wither effect per lever 25 000

Energy manipulationEdit

  • without eating some food your helmet will burn 1kk much faster then all other components, strongly adviced to eat food or carry multiple helmets;
  • each hit will drain atleast 900 EU from every part of suit;
  • QuantumSuit components have 1kk EU capacity and charge only inside MFS Unit at speed of 1000 EU\t; (50 seconds)


Crafting GUI.png

Iridium Plate

Advanced Circuit

Nano Helmet

Lapotron Crystal

Reinforced Glass

Iridium Plate

Advanced Circuit

QuantumSuit Helmet