Just some basc information to fill this page up. Plz help in formatting and crafting reciepe.

The Nano armor is a tier of armor above diamond but below quantum. It is crafted with carbon plates and energy crystals (and 1 glass for the helmet). The texture is black with a green "gem" on it. In total, a full set of nano armor needs 4 energy crystals, 1 glass, and about 24 carbon plates, which means 32 redstone, 4 diamonds, 1 glass, and about 24*8 (someone calculate for me) coal. 

The nano armor offers a full 10 points of armor if fully charged, and can only be charged in an MFE or a MFSU. 

Unlike the quantum armor, the nano armor offers NOTHING other than armor points and a good waste of your coal if you have too much. 

Did i mention they never break for those newbies new to IC2?