Log Turner
Log Turner
Type Item
Stackable No
Data Value 1375:5 - 1375:9
Mod Included Extrabiomes XL

The Log Turner is a tool added by ExtrabiomesXL. It can be used to change the orientation of logs without the need of replacing them. This is especially useful for logs from trees

The Log Turner is cheap to make and does not have any durability. Right-click with it on a log to use it.

It does not matter which side you click a log on. The Log Turner will always cycle through directions in a certain order. Because of this, it may take a while to achieve the wanted direction.
Logturn bug

The Log Turner cannot change the direction to finish the pattern.

Known BugsEdit

One of the corners pointing to the middle can not be achieved using the Log Turner.


Crafting GUI.png






Log Turner

Log Turner ex 01

Log Turner ex 02

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