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ExtrabiomesXL by MisterFibe is a mod for minecraft which introduces 28 more biomes. It also enable to generate village in more vanila biomes. It also provide config file to enable and disable certain biomes including vanila biomes and extrabiomes.

List of biomesEdit

List of blocksEdit

  • Cattail
  • Cracked Sand
  • Custom flowers
    • Autumn Shrub - found in the Autumn Forest Biome.
    • Hydrangea (craftable into light blue dye) - Found in the Green Swamp Biome.
    • Orange Flowers (craftable into orange dye) - Found in the Green Hills Biome.
    • Purple Flowers (craftable into purple dye) - Found in the Savanna and Forested Hills Biomes.
    • White Flowers (craftable into light gray dye) - Found in the Green Hills Biome
    • Root - Found in the Green Swamp and Green Hills Biomes.
    • Toadstool - Found in the Autumn Forest Biome, Green Swamp,Temperate Rainforest and Tundra Biomes.(Two of these can substitute for one mushroom in the recipe for a bowl of soup)
    • Tiny Cactus - Found in the Mountain Ridge Biome.
  • Custom sapllings
    • Autumn Saplings - avaliable colors: Orange, Yellow, Purple, Brown
  • Quicksand
  • Red Rock
  • Red Cobblestone
  • Red Rock Brick


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