Buildcraft is one of the base mods in the DNS Techpack, a very technical mod with machines and transport utilities to get the job done without your help.

Buildcraft originally started as a mod with some pipes and a few machines to get you guys going, but now it has transformed to a mod with liquids, quarries, engines, pipes, gates, and all kinds of automative craziness.

Spacetoad has been working very hard, spewing out new pipes and machines all the time.

The basis of this mod is the pipes. The pipes will transport items around to where you want them to go. The different types of transport pipes are wooden, which can extract items from chests and other inventories. Cobblestone and stone transport pipes are the stock pipes, which move items quite slowly. The golden pipe will speed up items when it receives a redstone signal. Diamond pipes will sort items. Conductive pipes transport power from engines to other machines. There are wooden conductive pipes, golden conductive pipes, and stone conductive pipes. Golden conductive pipes lose only a small amount of energy, however stone pipes are less efficient, losing more energy. Wooden conductive pipes will take energy from the engines and put it in the power system.